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Susan’s Bear


It is Official,  Letter from Steiff.

Hi Susan,

This email is to let you know that the edition #1 of the new 1908 Replica bear (hereto known as “Susan’s bear”) is in the process of being shipped to you with gratitude from Steiff Germany.  Steiff appreciates your generosity in allowing us to “borrow” your wonderful bear for the extended period of time that it took to create the fantastic replica in his image.  Your bear traveled a very long way from home , but as you can see by the picture of your antique Teddy bear being held by a smiling Dietmar, he was cherished and well taken care of among friends.

Your enthusiasm and support of all things Steiff is valued and applauded by everyone here at Steiff.  We are particularly thrilled by your excited, positive response to the new replica.

Our gift of the #1 edition of “Susan’s bear”  is a small thank you for sharing  your precious  bear and allowing us to replicate him to share with the rest of the collecting world.



And WE ARE GOING TO HAVE THE FIRST 25 Bears.   Call us today!    415 456 1333

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