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Jul 7

Make a Fairy House, we have a kit and Fabulous Fairies

Make a Shell Vase

Jun 22

Jan 31

Jan 12

Back in Stock, Our Fabulous Hedgehogs!



Time for a little Love. Handmade Valentines, Antique and Vintage Valentines. Everything you need to make your own Valentines, Packages of Valentines for School, Office or just for Fun. Our special candy from Italy, with love messages in each one, in Italian, French and English. Just arrived our Italian soaps from Italy, Heart Surprise Balls, and more. We hope to see you soon.



Dec 29

Nov 27

Jul 24

I have been told, I should be selling items off my website……so……If you see something you like, need more information or would like to buy, please call 415 456 1333.   We ship out everyday.   I am trying to get back on my SHOP to list more items.   Hopefully in the next few days.

Jun 21

Summer Projects, Make a Shell Vase, we will show you how.  Or build a Safari Truck and a Safari Helicopter.

May 22

May 21

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