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Sep 26


We are all about Vampires and Werewolves  Yikes!  We have 2 fabulous books on the subject.  One on vampires and one on werewolves.   Very…….interesting.

We LOVE Halloween at Susan’s Store Room.  Halloween goods include:  Green Goop in a Bottle, Eyeball Soap, Vampire Jewelry, Nose Masks, Blood Splat Stickers, Bird Skeletons, Spider Hair Clip, Spider Hats, Our exclusive Candy Bags and Greeting Cards, Monster Finger Puppets, Pirate Supplies, Kits to Make Halloween Cards, Dante’s Inferno Mints, Absinthe Mints, The Worlds Longest Beard, Spooky Cards (an old photograph turns into a monster), Handmade Halloween Decorations, Vintage Costumes, Glass Halloween Ornaments, and More.


Cali models the Worlds Longest Beard and A Nose Mask

Sep 20


My grandaughter Cali with 2 month old Brisa Rell Hoy.   Brisa was born in Costa Rica.  Brisa means breeze and Rell is after Rell Sunn, a famous Hawaiian surfer.