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Dec 1


The Teddy Roosevelt Family Exchanging Christmas Gifts.   A Typewriter for Teddy, A Bear for Quenton, Binoculars for Kermit, A Book for Alice ……….

Nov 5


Thanksgiving at Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay, NY.  c 1906,     Teddy Roosevelt is ready to carve the Turkey.


Thanksgiving Decorations.   Gifts for the Hostess.

Jun 6


This is a small window display to celebrate the Fourth of July and Teddy Roosevelt.    One of Teddy Roosevelts last adventures was a trip to to the Amazon Rainforest.    We have a fabulous book about this adventure called “River of Doubt”. This is a paper back book that makes a good Father’s Day Present.   “A Bully Father” is another fabulous book.  It is a reprint of an antique book which has all of Teddy Roosevelt’s letters to his children.   I think  you can guess that I am a huge Teddy Roosevelt fan.   I will put these books on our website Store.

May 29



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