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Jun 13


We have a new book, “The Camping Trip that Changed America”.   John Muir invited Teddy Roosevelt to go camping in Yosemite.  Teddy came to California, excused the press and his staff, and rode off into the mountains with John Muir.  They camped in Yosemite, John Muir talked with Teddy Roosevelt about preserving the land for everyone.  Teddy went back to Washington and started the National Park System.  John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt never met again but they corresponded the rest of their lives.   Our new window is the celebrate this event.










Apr 18

We are celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and we are Honoring Mothers Everywhere.




That is our bear Clarence having tea with The Queen.



The perfect Mother’s Day Present:  A tea mug, made in England,”First Class Mum”.








We have added a sash, antique pin and crown and turned the Steiff “Diamond Teddy Bear” into the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Bear.



Our popular craft bags, to decorate suitcases, make a journal, cards or decoupage.   Bags are filled with stickers, luggage labels, postcards, stamps and more.


The following are journals we have made with stickers, stamps, postcards, luggage labels. These are fun to make and

are very easy.   Blank journal books are $8.00 and work perfectly.





Jul 8








May 11


I LOVE this time of the year.  These are roses from my garden.  We have the store full of gardening supplies from England.   I am reminded of my wonderful trip to the Chelsea Flower Show in London.

If you don’t have our book about Clarence going to the Chelsea Flower Show, now is a good time to give one as a gift or buy one for yourself.



Many of the NEW 2011 STEIFF Animals and Bears are in STOCK.   I have put some on my online store.

Just Click on SHOP at the top of this page.   If you have a special request give us a call.  415 456 1333.

Nov 24


I just got back from Kauai.  I made a quick trip to fly my grand daughter Cali over to see her friends.   This is her friend Emma.


What fun to be 10, in Hawaii, with your best friend.

Jun 24

I just saw a poster for the King Tut Exhibit at The De Young Museum in San Francisco.   It reminded me of my trip to Egypt to create the book, “Journey Up the Nile”.   When I saw King Tut he was in glass case in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.   I loved the Egyptian Museum.   It reminded me of one of the Indiana Jones movies.  It was old, dark and a bit dusty.   There were Egyptologists sitting next to open cases studying the artifacts.  No one seemed very excited that someone might break something.  I thought this was extraordinary and I loved it.  I just looked at some pictures of the Egyptian Museum and it looks like they cleaned the museum up, it looks brighter and newer.  I am sure this is better for the collection, but I feel lucky to have seen it old and dusty.  I loved Egypt so we have a Egyptian section in the store.  I am always looking for unusual things from or about Egypt.  We  have a tomb painted on the wall, a life size camel and a  sarcophagus.


My trip to Egypt is the book  “Journey Up The Nile”.  It is told from the perspective of Reginald.   It does seem a bit unusual to take a Teddy bear on a trip,  especially a 100 year old, very valuable Steiff Teddy Bear.   It turns out that a Teddy bear is a great way to make instant friends wherever you go.   The Egyptians loved him.   You can read all about this extraordinary trip in the book, “Journey Up the Nile”.


That’s me on the camel, a real camel.   You can see Reginald/Reggie  the Teddy hanging out of the Ghurka Backpack.  Even the camel was interested in seeing Reggie.

We always have interesting things from Egypt in our store inventory.


Jun 6


This is a small window display to celebrate the Fourth of July and Teddy Roosevelt.    One of Teddy Roosevelts last adventures was a trip to to the Amazon Rainforest.    We have a fabulous book about this adventure called “River of Doubt”. This is a paper back book that makes a good Father’s Day Present.   “A Bully Father” is another fabulous book.  It is a reprint of an antique book which has all of Teddy Roosevelt’s letters to his children.   I think  you can guess that I am a huge Teddy Roosevelt fan.   I will put these books on our website Store.

May 30

I just put several rainforest animals on the online shop.   I also put a Ghurka Backpack.  I found several in the back storage room.  These are hard to come by.  They  were made by Ghurka 10 years ago when the Ghurka Company was owned by Marley Hodgson.  Marley Hodgson sold the Ghurka Company in 2001.

I always take my Ghurka Backpack on my travels.  It is just the right size.  When I went to Africa to do the book, “Safari, My Trip to Africa” with Reggie the Steiff Bear, I took him in the Ghurka Backpack.  After I published the book, on a whim, I sent a copy to  Steiff, asking them if they wanted to make a replica of the Bear Reggie.   Much to my delight, they said yes.  Then I started  to worry about the Ghurka Backpack.  I wondered if I was going to get in trouble for using the backback in the book with the logo clearly visible.   I  had already gotten a letter from Ralph Lauren for using one of his cups on one of my greeting cards.

So,  I wrote  a letter to Ghurka and sent them a book.   Next thing I know Marley Hodgson arrives at Susan’s Store Room.   He loves the book and buys them for his employees.  I was thrilled to meet him. When Steiff produced the Reggie Bear, Ghurka sold backbacks to Steiff for their luxury edition of the Steiff Reggie.

If that wasn’t enough…..The Steiff Reggie Bear appeared in the window of the Ghurka Store on Post Street in downtown San Francisco.   One day I was walking down Post Street and looked in the Ghurka window and there was Reggie.

Ghurka also produced a limited edition scarf with illustrations from the Safari Book.  Mary Jo Koch, my good friend, did all the illustrations in all four books.  She worked with Ghurka to produce the Scarf.  It is fabulous but no longer available.

May 14

This was a fabulous adventure.  I highly recommend the Encanta La Vida where we stayed.  It reminded me of the the safari camps in Africa.  No TV, no hot water, lots of bugs, monkeys by the pool, howler monkeys in the trees, wonderful guests.  There are no mosquitoes, thanks to the bats.   There is nothing to be afraid of, its hot so you don’t need hot water, the bugs won’t hurt you, the monkeys won’t bother you, and you hardly notice the bats.   Family style dining with incredible local food.    Expect to see a Susan’s Store Room rainforest window soon.







Minor holds a boa found in the garden.





Susan makes a friend.



Brian, owner of The Encanta La Vida, with the baby toucan.


This baby was dropped by a vulture, who had taken it out of a nest.   Minor, the rescuer named him Tyson.



My son the surfer with his girlfriend Cynthia.

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