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King Tut

I just saw a poster for the King Tut Exhibit at The De Young Museum in San Francisco.   It reminded me of my trip to Egypt to create the book, “Journey Up the Nile”.   When I saw King Tut he was in glass case in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.   I loved the Egyptian Museum.   It reminded me of one of the Indiana Jones movies.  It was old, dark and a bit dusty.   There were Egyptologists sitting next to open cases studying the artifacts.  No one seemed very excited that someone might break something.  I thought this was extraordinary and I loved it.  I just looked at some pictures of the Egyptian Museum and it looks like they cleaned the museum up, it looks brighter and newer.  I am sure this is better for the collection, but I feel lucky to have seen it old and dusty.  I loved Egypt so we have a Egyptian section in the store.  I am always looking for unusual things from or about Egypt.  We  have a tomb painted on the wall, a life size camel and a  sarcophagus.


My trip to Egypt is the book  “Journey Up The Nile”.  It is told from the perspective of Reginald.   It does seem a bit unusual to take a Teddy bear on a trip,  especially a 100 year old, very valuable Steiff Teddy Bear.   It turns out that a Teddy bear is a great way to make instant friends wherever you go.   The Egyptians loved him.   You can read all about this extraordinary trip in the book, “Journey Up the Nile”.


That’s me on the camel, a real camel.   You can see Reginald/Reggie  the Teddy hanging out of the Ghurka Backpack.  Even the camel was interested in seeing Reggie.

We always have interesting things from Egypt in our store inventory.


2 Responses

  1. Doreen Says:

    Hi Susan
    Very nice MEPHISTO shoes!
    Great stuff in your store as well!

  2. Suzanne Fowle Horning Says:

    Hi Susan…I enjoyed reading about the dusty Egyptian Museum. The first time I went to Cairo and the museum was shortly after Tut had come to San Francisco back in the late 70’s. All the todo over having the air conditioning perfect, the security, etc..then I go to Cairo..no A/C, dusty, dirty, no security to speak of..people could touch anything. I couldn’t believe it..so needless to say I enjoyed your comments.

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