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Jul 22

We have collected Shells from all over the world.  For decorations and craft projects.   We will show you how to make a vase or memory jar, Easy and Fun.  One of our customers took a Santos and made her a shell skirt.  Spectacular.  She is displayed in our window.  We have Mermaid books, Mermaid Houses, Mermaid Rugs and  Antique Shell Art.


Vase in the back is 85 years old, the 2 in front are July 2011.  We have figured out how to make these vases.  It is EASY and lots of fun.


Antique Vase


New Vase


Everything you need to make your own vase.  We are all set up to show you exactly how to do it.  We have collected

shells from all over the world, for decoration and for your projects.   AND………….we are serving Mai Tai’s.


Another vase circa July 2011.

Jul 8








Jul 1


Aloha Indy!   We lost our dog Indy this morning.  He died peacefully in his sleep.  I was able to say goodby and tell him he was the best dog ever.  Whenever my sons were home, when they left they told Indy, “to watch over Mom”.  He always did.  For many years he was always with me in the store, he had many customers who loved him.  Indy lived a long happy life, he was loved by all.


My grand daughter Brisa comforts Indy.   We all knew his time was coming and said our goodbyes.  Happily he died at home and was buried in a field of wildflowers next to his Dad Max.


Indy with my grand daughter Cali.