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Aug 21




Picture is of the Antique Steiff Reggie and The New Steiff Replica Reggie.


A customer came in and said she was taking 10 people to Africa and she asked me if I wanted to go.

I said YES!  I wanted to go to Africa since I read “Out of Africa” when I was 15.   So…I dressed a

Antique Steiff Bear in a Safari Suit and took him, to photograph in Africa for my greeting cards,

everywhere we went people wanted to hold the bear.  He made a lot of friends in Africa.

So when we got back, I decided I needed to tell everyone about it.

So….I created the created the book,”Safari My Trip to Africa” by Reginald Oliver Smythe.

Everything in the book really happened, but to make the book  more fun, it is written from the

prospective of the 100 year old teddy bear.


Mar 3

Here are some Easter Basket Ideas.  Just call or email if you see something

you like.  415 456 1333   [email protected]  More pictures to come!






A case full of treasures!


Jun 7

Here is the tour of the store,  just so you can see what you are missing……..hehe.   I am lonely very anxious to see all of you! I take my temperature everyday and wear a mask.   We let 2 or 3 customers in at a time. You will need to wear a mask and social distance.  We are lucky because we have lots of room.      I am lonely, very anxious to see all of you!

If you live out of town, we ship everyday.  Just give up a call  415 456 1333 or email at [email protected]

Jan 8







Nov 22





Antique Tree Covered with Antique Ornaments.  Dresdens, Glass and Paper


Antique Postcards   More pictures to come.

Jan 12

We have new treasures to tempt you and Valentines for everyone you LOVE!  Antique c1800,

Vintage c195o and Handmade.












If you see something you like, email us at [email protected].  We are happy to answer all your

questions, send more pictures, etc.   We ship out everyday.   More pictures to come……….

Jan 12

We have Valentines!  Antique, Handmade, Everything you need to make Your Own Valentines, Teddy Bear Valentines and More.

If you see something you like or have questions, email us at [email protected].



















Apr 20

I  just updated the SHOP with some gifts for Mother’s Day, Graduation and Father’s Day.








For Mother’s Day!

Tea Party in the Window.

(For all of YOU who insisted I watch “The Crown”.  I loved it ……….so the window.)

Pictures of the Window…….to follow.

Handmade cars, Mother Pins, Antique and New Steiff, Tea Towels, Oil Cloths, Books to Celebrate Mother,

Antique Tea Cups, Tea, A Waving Queen Elizabeth, A Toy Corgi and more.   We hope to see YOU soon!






Mar 6





More Pictures to Come.    If you see anything you like, call 415 456 1333 or email [email protected].








Feb 19
















We are READY for SPRING!   More photos from inside the store later today.  If you see anything you are interested in just email or phone.   [email protected]  415 456 1333

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