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Jun 9

Celebrate Summer at our very popular SUMMER SALE!

JUNE 13  through JUNE 19

New items everyday as we organize the store.

Steiff, Antiques, Dolls, Holiday Decorations, Craft Bags, Stickers,

Hansa Animals, Christmas Ornaments, Dishes, Bags of Assorted Ribbons

and Flowers, Cards, Jewelry, Enamel Boxes, Books, Wrapping Paper, Toys,

Miniatures, Fourth of July and More.

We put tables out in front, it is fun for ALL.

415 456 1333


Jun 26


Dec 29


We wish you a very Happy New Year.

To celebrate we are having a Holiday Sale.    Be sure and stop by or give us a call.   We put some items on are website  SHOP on Sale as well.