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Mar 21














We hope to see you soon!   If you see something you like just call or email.  We ship out everyday.

[email protected]      415 456 1333

Feb 22


If you see anything you like you can email us……[email protected]

We ship out everyday, US Priority Mail.


Available as mohair limited edition….or plush, less expensive and still fabulous.

More to come……………………

Jul 8








Call for more information about Peter, Mopsy, and Benjamin call  415 456 1333



Jul 24













More pictures to come!   If you see anything you like just call 415 456 1333 or email  [email protected]

We are HAPPY to give you prices, more pictures and any information you need.   We ship out packages


Feb 17

Screen shot 2011-02-17 at 7.21.26 PM

It may be raining but its Spring at Susan’s Store Room.