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Sep 17

Time for a Little Fun!   Halloween at Susan’s Store Room


Sep 6

By Popular Demand a little Steampunk

Jul 31

More pictures to come!


Jul 2




May 30


May 17

Gifts for Graduation.   Fabulous Cards, Books and a Einstein Teddy!


May 11

Apr 20




Michael Bond, author of “Paddington” , remembered the children being evacuated from Germany, during World War II, walking through Reading Station.  They all had a label around their neck with their name and address,  and a little case containing all their treasured possessions.  Bond said in an interview with The Telegraph before his death in 2017.  “So Paddington , in a sense, was a refugee, and I do think there is no sadder sight than refugees”

Mar 20

Finally, the hedgehogs and paper eggs, arrive from Germany.  Perfect Easter Gift, a hedgehog

in an Egg!









More Pictures to come!

Everybody is ready for Easter!

Mar 8

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