Susan opened her store in the basement of her San Anselmo house in 1979. Now over 30 years later it has become an institution. Susan’s has expanded into three connected storefronts that enchant and intrigue with a collection of gifts toys and curiosities from all over the world. She has since established Susan?s Card Company and Traveling Bear Press and created cards and books enjoyed by many from all walks of life.

Susan travels the world, combing toy shows, craft shows and antique markets for her treasures. Her highly evolved taste and nuanced eye have turned the Store Room into a magical one-of-a-kind entity. Within 10 feet you will find unique gifts and toys from England, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Africa, Egypt, South America, California, Atlanta, and New York.

The Store Room has developed a near cult following for Susan’s window displays by a loyal fan-base that returns frequently to visit the ever-evolving space. Her 30-year relationship with Steiff and her amazing collection of animals has earned her an international reputation in the Steiff community. She has personally designed and released bears in partnership with Steiff and Pansy Bear, Reggie Bear and Clarence Bear are proud to call Susan?s Store Room home.