Over the years Susan forged a close relationship with Steiff. So close in fact, she began collaborating with them on releasing new bears. Pansy, the Parisian Debutante, Reggie, the fearless Explorer and Clarence, the proper English Gentlebear are indebted to Susan. For each bear she wrote an accompanying book in the form of at travel journal that documents a trip to an exotic destination very close to each bears heart and published them through her own Traveling Bear Press.

The bears themselves narrate the delightful and enthralling journals. Each page is overflowing with colorful pictures, candid stories and interesting facts, ensuring an engaging read for both children and adults alike. The bears refined tastes take them through the eyes of Renoirs Paris into the gardens that inspired impressionism, Wordsworth?s England through Dove Cottage at the height of Romanticism, all the way to the sprawling Serengeti through Dineson?s Africa.

Few Bears could boast they hot air ballooned around the Kenyan countryside or roamed the Chelsea Flower Market much less cruised down the Nile and scaled the pyramids for a gander at the Sphinx. But than again, How many bears can count Jerry Garcia and the Queen of England as friends?